Quality and Sustainability

Pastificio Davena is committed every day to bringing the best products to consumers' tables while respecting the environment, the economy and the society for a sustainable development.

Our values


Selected raw materials, highly specialised staff, state-of-the-art machinery
to guarantee quality and offer a wide assortment of fresh filled pasta to meet every single need.


We guarantee quality and food safety by monitoring and verifying the supply chain at every stage, applying all production process standards in full compliance with international hygiene requirements.
Strict control procedures on suppliers, as well as continuous analysis of the ingredients and raw materials, are carried out daily.


Our pasta factory pays careful attention to the environment and to the communities in which it produces and operates by using energy from renewable sources.
Our commitment to minimise environmental impact is also directed towards the use of increasingly sustainable and recyclable packaging.


Pastificio Davena is the right choice for those who want a reliable partner, a supplier capable of ensuring an accurate service and responding to varied and articulated needs. With private label products and an all-round collaboration, our pasta factory guarantees maximum customer care by offering quality products capable of competing on the market and satisfying the taste and expectations of the end consumer.

IFS FOOD safety

International Food Safety Standard, whose main purpose is to promote the effective selection of retail branded food suppliers on the basis of their ability to provide safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

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